Rob Bikmansurov, CIO, Ruby developer

I’m an IT Director at a universal bank. I’m a software developer (RubyOnRails, VB, Python). I like creating information systems and programs and trying new things. I enjoy playing basketball and running.

I have reached the limit in my current organization, and I want to change my career path. I want to progress, mastering the most modern technologies. Now, I’m looking for remote work (but relocation is also possible) in a cool team. I’d like to work on complex projects with advanced processes as a senior backend Ruby developer.

My last projects as a developer:

Internal http-service that generates PDF’s out of payment documents.

It uses the odf-report to convert template to PDF and tiny_tds to get documents from MS SQL.

API-backend for personal cabinets of our clients on the bank`s site.

Rweb-application for manage customers in the personal cabinets

API-backend for the personal cabinets of bank customers [Ruby on Rails, Nginx, PostgreSQL, JWT], react-frontend was developing by another team. Internal web-application for customer management in their personal cabinets.

BP1Step - Business Processes First Step

BP1Step lists task, letters to execute

My first Ruby On Rails project has been using in the our organization for many years [Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, GitlabCI/CD].

Identification and documentation of business processes, storage of executor`s actions, the description of resources. This is the 1st step of implementation of the process approach in a small business: improve document management and office work.

You can try this demo out on Heroku (sorry for the slow loading time).

BP1Step is an open source project, and it’s available on GitHub.

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